Match Report - First XV

vs Nudgee College
Saturday, 03 August 1991

Terrace News, Vol. 19, No. 25 - August 8, 1991

Newspaper reports give a detailed accurate record of the final game for the Terrace First XV 1991. Each member of the team played his best game of the season and accredited himself well against formidable opposition. Perhaps I could do no better than to place here the tribute of Ben McCormack, College Vice-Captain, which he delivered at the College Assembly last Tuesday.

“I must confess, I know precious little about the game of Rugby Union. But nevertheless for the last three years I have seen just about every game played by the First XV for Terrace.

Out of all those matches, I would have to say that Saturday’s game against Nudgee was the greatest I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t great for all the Fanfare before the game, not even for the game itself. It was the greatest game I’ve ever seen because of the way people gave everything they had – and a whole lot more – for us. I was proud to wear a Red and Black tie on Saturday.

Those of you who were there would know what I’m talking about. From a simple on-looker no one could have expected a greater performance from anyone. As individuals, they were brilliant. As a team, they were brilliant. As a school that gave non-stop support to them, you were brilliant.

I just want to say on behalf of the entire school to Mr Edwards, Mr Tilly and Mr Carroll, and to each and every individual who played in the First XV this year – whether you win the 1991 Premiership or not, we as a school are extremely proud and privileged to have you represent us. We still think you are Champions no matter what, and I’d just like to thank you all for giving us such a memorable Season of Rugby in 1991.”

(Rugby Master)

Result: GT 15 tied with NC 15
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